Prepping Your Air Conditioner (A/C) for the Warmer Months

June 14, 2017

With summer in full swing and temperatures already climbing, it’s important to make sure relief is within reach. Before you crank your thermostat to battle those piping hot temps outside, there are a few things you need to do to make sure your air conditioner is functioning properly and efficiently:

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the IGS Energy Blimp!

June 8, 2017

Meet the experts behind the IGS Energy Blimp as well as read some tips to winning some of the goodies that drop down during Columbus Blue Jackets games!

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Congratulations, Cristo Rey Graduates!

June 6, 2017

100% College Acceptance Rate? Not Bad for Cristo Rey Columbus’ First Graduating Class!

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It’s Easy Being Green with the City of Columbus’ GreenSpot Program

May 30, 2017

When it comes to being environmentally-responsible, there are a variety of opportunities to do so. Whether it’s taking that extra step to recycle an aluminum can instead of throwing it away, or organizing a community clean-up day, every action can help. From residents, to businesses, to entire communities, making sustainable decisions can really add up […]

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What changes after enrolling with an energy supplier?

May 23, 2017

Congratulations on making the decision to select an energy supplier! Though your service won’t change with your utility, you have taken an important step in taking control of your monthly energy budget. No matter what supplier you’ve selected, your utility will still continue to service your lines and wires, and will continue to deliver your […]

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Moving? Avoid big problems by keeping up with these small tasks.

May 10, 2017

Whether you’re moving across the country or one street over, there are a million things to do, think about, and pay for that can stress out even the most easy-going people. Packing boxes, moving them up and down stairs, and then unpacking those boxes takes a lot out of you. When it’s all said and […]

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Happy Arbor Day! Four Ways Trees can Help Save Energy

April 26, 2017

National Arbor Day is Friday, April 28 – a day dedicated to planting, and celebrating, trees. The first Arbor Day was observed on April 10, 1872, after J. Sterling Morton, a journalist who advocated for tree planting in his writing, proposed a day dedicated to planting trees. The day has since become nationally recognized and […]

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IGS Community Spotlight: City Rescue Mission, New Castle Pennsylvania

April 17, 2017

This year, Home Energy Consultants and staff members at the Cranberry Township, PA office, in particular, spent their Day of Service at the City Rescue Mission in New Castle, PA.

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What is Home Protection?

Most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover utility lines or HVAC system failures. What can you do to cut this potentially costly situation off at the pass? 

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4 Simple Ways to Make an Impact on Earth Day

April 13, 2017

The news is filled with stories about how our planet is deteriorating. It can get overwhelming (and expensive) trying to keep up with all the ways you can reduce your impact on the earth. But, if each of us took just a few simple steps to take care of our world, the effects would be […]

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