6 New Year Energy Resolutions

January 6, 2016
Energy Resolutions

New Years’ streamers are still hanging from the lampshades, but now’s the perfect time to commit to making positive changes in your life. We figured, while a better diet or exercise regimen is a good fallback; why not resolve to be more energy conscious?

Be realistic

As with any resolution, the first step is to be realistic about your goals. What do you hope to affect with the changes you intend to make? If the answer is ‘eliminate your carbon footprint’, you might be setting yourself up for a tougher task than, say, just being more conscientious. This list transitions from easy to life-altering in the hope that you can get onboard.

1. Learn about energy

Starting with the very least amount of change in your everyday, why not simply resolve to get to know energy better? Check out great resources like or the Energy Information Administration’s website. Or, find your local utilities commission website (regulatory authority for utilities) to see what they say about the energy happenings for your area. And you could always look around our site for more information.

2. Update your home 

Making your home more environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be difficult. Changing out your bulbs for LED lights and getting a programmable thermostat are just two simple things you can do for your 2016 energy resolution. Continue the trend by dropping your water heater temperature to 120 degrees and keeping your home at constant temperatures (For example: 63F in winter, 78F in summer) throughout the year.

FUN FACT: By turning your thermostat back 10° to 15° for 8 hours, you can save 5% to 15% a year on your heating bill.

3. Make a choice

If you live in a deregulated  (competitive) market, you have energy ‘choice’: the ability to choose an energy supplier for your electricity and natural gas. A supplier gives you the ability to control your energy plan with options like “green” energy, which attributes a portion or your total consumption to renewable methods of generation.

4. Use less

Before you switch on that light or computer, think about if you could do something else that doesn’t use electricity. Go ahead and get creative with using less energy: weekly candlelit dinners; well-placed mirrors to reflect daylight into interior spaces; late-night laundry sessions. Try biking to the store, unplugging chargers, or shutting your lights off earlier in the evenings. The possibilities are endless! The key is being mindful about your usage.

5. Grab some sun

 Solar power is a great solution for generating your own electricity right at your home’s location. Depending on what market you live in, solar power is more accessible than ever before, with the emergence of government incentives, growing technology, and net-metering. Some solar providers will maintain ownership of the panels which allows you to get solar power without having to purchase any of the equipment and without up-front costs.

6. Shrink your footprint

Replace your larger appliances with ENERGYSTAR® rated appliances and follow their guide to making your lifestyle more energy efficient all around. Other things like limiting your car usage, planting trees, turning off the TV for good, or reducing the size of your home, can dramatically offset the energy needed to keep your routine.

Become a superhero

 whatever you end up doing, any step toward being more energy-efficient or smarter about how you manage and consume your energy is a step toward a more sustainable energy future. Let’s take those steps today and every day and fill 2016 with energy superheroes.

To learn more about how IGS Energy can help you make better energy decisions, contact us today. Through natural gas, electricity, home protection, solar, and compressed natural gas vehicle stations IGS can give you the tools for a better energy future.