What is Home Protection?

February 8, 2016
What is Home Protection

It’s easy to forget the lines around and under your home that deliver your gas, electricity, and water. We tend to remember them only when they’re most needed or when they start making worrisome sounds in the middle of a dark winter. Most of us just cross our fingers and roll the dice, hoping that everything will continue to run smoothly and nothing will ever break. But homes get old, and utility lines break down under the strain of extreme temperatures and natural forces. One day, you may be faced with an unexpected emergency – and a big bill for those necessary repairs.

The High Cost of Utility Line Repairs

The likelihood that you will need a water or sewer line fixed at some point is higher than you might think—especially in an older home. How expensive that repair will be is often determined by where the leak or break occurs. Obviously, the sooner you spot the leak, the less damage will be done. However, when a water line, sewer line, or electrical line does fail it can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Plan Ahead

It’s easy to see if you do the math when it comes to emergency repairs, that even a small issue can add up to a great expense. Most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover utility lines or HVAC system failures.

What can you do to cut this potentially costly situation off at the pass? You can’t stop time and weather, but you can have a plan in place and rest assured that you’re protected from the ever-increasing costs of emergency utility line and HVAC system repairs.

Protection Plans Are the Solution

Seeing the gap in protection for the average homeowner from unforeseen utility breaks and failures, some suppliers across the country found a way to offer affordable protection to their energy customers.

Check with your homeowners’ policy to determine what is covered and talk to your neighbors to see if they’ve had to replace or repair any of their lines. Then call your local supplier, like IGS Energy, to find out more about protection plan costs and coverage.

To learn more, check out IGS Energy Home Services’ Home Protection plans.