Energy Plans and Pricing

Plans & Pricing

Choosing the Right Plan For You

There are various ways an energy plan can be structured to benefit your unique needs. Whether you prefer the satisfaction of knowing your rate will remain the same long-term, the opportunity to take advantage of dips in the market, or the certainty that you’ll always receive a better rate than you would with your local utility, we have a plan for you based on your service area.

With a variety of plans that include fixed-rate, variable, and guaranteed savings, we’re here to help find the best plan for your home or business.

Energy Pricing FAQs

Q. Why do energy prices go up in the winter and summer?

A. The price of your energy is impacted by several factors, but supply and demand most often determine the rates in the marketplace. As people use more natural gas in the winter to heat their homes, the demand increases and may cause the price to rise. The same is true with electricity when cooling your home in the summer.

Q. Does my utility rate change?

A. The utility is subject to fluctuations in the market, and regulatory control of their prices. Although subject to commission review and oversight, your generation rate can and does change frequently with the utility.

Q. How are the prices for electricity and natural gas determined?

A. Since energy is a commodity, the price of electricity and natural gas is impacted by the energy market. As an independent energy supplier, IGS Energy purchases energy from the market to supply to consumers. Our in-house energy experts watch the price of energy minute by minute to find the best prices for our customers.

By choosing an independent energy supplier for your natural gas and electricity,

You’re able to have stable and predictable energy costs, while still receiving expert distribution, metering and billing services from your utility.

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