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Don't let home repairs get to you

When it comes to the lines and systems within your home, repairs may not be a question of if, but when. You can keep your peace of mind, even when those repairs are needed, with IGS Energy Home Services.

Our Home Protection plans have been specifically created with more than just your budget in mind; when you do call us, we handle sourcing and contacting a local technician, getting them to your door, paying their service fees, paying for the bulk of covered repairs, and we even guarantee their work for a full 12 months.

We offer 4 different levels of protection to help keep your home’s budget safe.

Inside Utility Line Protection

Through normal wear and tear, a home’s utility lines may be prone to fail.  Our Inside Utility Line Protection is designed to eliminate worry in the event of that failure; handling costs that could add up to thousands of dollars.

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Total Utility Line Protection

Repairs to your outside utility lines often require larger equipment and more labor than inside line repairs. With our Total Utility Line Protection, you can safeguard your budget for up to $26,500 in repairs to BOTH your inside and outside lines for only pennies a day.

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HVAC System Protection

Furnaces and boilers, air conditioning units and heat pumps, even water heaters all take a beating to keep you comfortable throughout the year and can be expensive to fix when they fail. Our HVAC Systems Protection helps reduce the financial burden for potential repairs so your home’s budget is comfortable, too.

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Complete Protection

Wear and tear is a fact of life. And when it comes to home ownership, it’s a fact that can be costly. With Complete Protection, you can rest easy knowing that your budget has support in the event that you need repairs to any of your home’s pipes and wires, or HVAC systems. For less than $420 a year, you get up to $34,500 in repairs to all the covered lines and systems you’re responsible for.

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Protect your home from expensive repairs

We’ve got you covered.

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Enrolling in an IGS Energy Home Services homeowner protection plan provides you with great service, repairs, and protection from costly issues.

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Video Transcript


When you’ve got a place to call your own, you’ll do a lot to take care of it and keep things running smooth, from mowing the lawn in the summer to shoveling snow in the winter.

But who takes care of the utility lines that connects to your house, the gas, electric, sewer, and water lines?
Who owns those? You do! When these lines fail due to everyday wear and tear, you’re responsible for the cost of the repairs, which are not typically covered by homeowners insurance.

So if a water pipe bursts or your home’s power line fails you could be paying thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Now for some great news! When you enroll in a utility line protection plan from IGS Energy Home Services, you know who takes care of those repairs?

We do! In fact, our protection limits actually exceed the average cost of repairs with total coverage up to $26,500.

When a line fails, we’ll take care of the cost and schedule the repair through a local certified contractor, saving you the time and energy of looking for a qualified repair technician.

By enrolling in a utility line protection plan, you can protect your home from costly repairs in the future.

Valuable protection, guaranteed service, and no risk. We’ve got you covered.

Inside Utility Line Protection
Total Utility Line Protection
HVAC System Protection
Complete Protection
Up to $2,000
Up to $2,000
Up to $2,000
Up to $2,000
Up to $3,000
Up to $4,500
Up to $3,000
Up to $8,000
Up to $750
Up to $1,750
Up to $1,750
Up to $2,000
Up to $1,750
Up to $8,000 in protection

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Up to $26,500 in protection

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Up to $8,000 in protection

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Up to $34,500 in protection

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Additional Notes:

  • Full details of coverage will be included in a service agreement and schedule page after enrollment.
  • Outside gas is a coverage option in those areas where outside gas is not already covered by your utility.
  • Our outside water line protection includes up to $500 for public sidewalk repair.
  • Our outside sewer protection includes up to $4,000 for street cutting.

General Questions to Ask Before Buying:

If you’ve narrowed down your choices for home protection, there are a few more details you might want to research before signing any contracts. Below are some of the fine-print items that often get in the way of a good contract. As always, you will want to be aware of any limitations, additions, or exclusions that might change the overall cost of the service.

What types of plans are available?

Plan types:
The first thing to note when purchasing a protection plan for your home is understanding what is included in your monthly payment. À la carte plans may seem cheaper initially, but you will want to watch for how their costs increase when additional items are included. Below is an example of the differences typically found between per-item and bundled plans.

Per-item plans

  • Offer a lower monthly fee for each item
  • Cover only a single line or component
  • Increase in cost as items are added
  • Require a deductible—in most cases

Bundle plans

  • Cost more per month than per-item plans
  • Offer protection on multiple items
  • Offer a higher total coverage amount
  • Do not typically have a deductible, typically

Is this protection really worth it?

This question is best answered by asking yourself: “What am I willing to pay when something breaks in my home?” For example, enrolling in IGS Energy Home Services’ base-level plan is like having $8,000 set aside for a utility line repair. But, your annual out-of-pocket for this plan is less than $100.

Rule of Thumb: According to a study done by, the majority of Americans do not have enough funds in their savings account to cover even a $500.00 service call.

The utility line failures that home protection plans typically cover are a very real—and potentially devastating—possibility of owning a home. By purchasing any home protection product, you are making an investment in safeguarding your finances.

What is “wear and tear”?

The continual running of water, gas, or electric through a home’s lines can potentially erode and compromise the line’s critical joints, connections, and seals. Over time—and without intervention—these pipes and wires may be prone to fatigue to the point of fracture or breakage. Failure that occurs because of an accident or intervening act is not considered normal wear and tear.

Rule of Thumb: If you’re remodeling your kitchen and an accidental swing of the hammer cracks your water line, it’s NOT normal wear and tear.

What should I get protected?

Depending on your budget and risk tolerance, there are typically several plans available with any home protection company. At the very least, it is recommended that you have protection for each of your interior utility lines. This is designed to offset the cost of most major repairs or replacements you might need for your inside water, sewer, gas, and electric lines. You should expect the price for a plan like this from most companies to be below $10 a month and offer protection for at least $3,000.

IGS Energy Home Services has a number of bundled plans, providing you with great coverage for a reasonable price. Our starter plan covers all four of your home’s interior lines for only $7.50 per month and protection for up to $8,000.

All work was done well, and the service man showed up on time, so I am quite satisfied so far with the plan.

Robert Columbus, OH

The service was fast and the representative was pleasant and professional. The hard part was getting throuhg to speak with someone, it took me two days to get someone on the phone. IGS handled the call and th problem. Overall great sevice.

Etonya Toledo, OH

Had a difficulty locating the night phone number.  Would be nice if there was a fridge magnet??  Or something to have around.  Luckily I had kept some part of my bill.

Donald Terre Haute, IN

I have been happy with the help from your company and also the repair people.  Thank you.

David Mount Vernon, IN

I am glad I have this service.  Everything went very well.  Thanks.

William Newburgh, IN

All work was done well, and the service man showed up on time, I am quite satisfied for the plan.

Robert Parma, OH

There were no local contractors in the area.  I suggested contractors, they were called and the problem was solved.  This caused the repair to take longer than necessary.

Thomas & Chris West Union, OH

I filled out one before but I didn’t put my name on it.  I was happy the way it went and its still closing fine.  The repairmen were very knowledgeable about my Boiler.

Robert Eaton, IN

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