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Customer Reviews

4.8 star average (501)
Highly recommend IGS Energy
By Kate Rickson McNally | Mar 16, 2017

I'm new to IGS. I like that they use renewable energy. They offered the lowest rates of any electric and gas company in my area and guaranteed those rates.

By N/A | Mar 15, 2017

My electric has gone down and I'm going to change my gas over to IGS as well

Awsome Service
By Renice | Mar 15, 2017

I've been a customer with igs for over 7 yrs. Great customer service. Rates are the best. If I was looking for an electric service. I recommend igs energy.

Recommended. IGS delivered what they promised!
By Donna | Mar 15, 2017

When an IGS agent showed up at my door, I was skeptical. However, he was knowledgeable and helpful. I chose IGS and am so glad I did! Excellent customer service, delivered exactly what they promised, lowered my bills, and made them predictable. I use them for gas and electric. Glad I went with IGS!

They help to keep bills reasonable.
By Mike | Mar 15, 2017

We have been with IGS for many years and they have helped to keep our bills as low as they can be.

Highly recommend IGS
By Jim B | Mar 15, 2017

I've saved using IGS. Service has been great. Call them to see how much you can save.

Excellent Service !
By NAlley | Mar 15, 2017

I really appreciate knowing how much we'll pay each month especially during the colder months. No scary surprises because of an energy cost increase!

Great folks
By Russ | Mar 14, 2017

Honest appraisal. No phone calls, face to face.

IGS is wonderful!
By Jane Dough | Mar 14, 2017

I am happy with my rates and service and am glad in my decision to go with IGS.

Why go anywhere else? IGS Energy is all you need!😊
By Sandra L. Lege' | Mar 14, 2017

My electric bill is very, very affordable. I wouldn't change it for anything. I have been a customer since they were Dynowatt😃 I am a very happy customer with IGS Energy!!!