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4.8 star average (463)
Highly Recommended
By Jason R. Clare | Jan 24, 2017

Great rates and customer service!

Thanks to IGS Energy!
By Nancy Monte | Jan 24, 2017

As one celebrates many many birthdays we become older and colder! IGS Energy has provided warmth and energy to an old soul. I verified to see if this program was real! Yes it is. Please thank the young man who signed me up for IGS Energy (apologizes for not remembering his name) His patience and support of IGSE encouraged me to sign up for this program. I have not been disappointed. Please thank this young man. Most sincerely,

Saving money, staying warm and Dry.
By John M | Jan 24, 2017

We've lowered our expenses with out any loss of comfort.

We are very hasppy with igsenergy
By benjamin Edwards | Jan 2, 2017

After years of propane use for heating and cooking, it's areal comfort to have IGS providing natural gas tor our heating and cooking!

Highly recommend
By Happy Customer | Dec 7, 2016


IGS Rocks
By Jayson Thomas | Dec 6, 2016

Great company works with you great customer service recommend to friends and family Both utilities and home warranty program totally rocks

IGS ROCKS......highly recommend.
By Concetta Precurato | Dec 6, 2016

My gas bill has gone down considerably from last year when I had Dominion......

How "Dope" is IGS Energy?
By Everett Lawrence | Dec 6, 2016

I use IGS for both my gas and electric. My payments for both have noticeably decreased using IGS. I like them because they keep you up to date through email when there is a change in rates, and you can switch at any time without penalty fees that most of the other suppliers charge. I'm glad I took the chance with IGS. One energy supplier tried to trick me into using them, but, I called IGS immediately, and the problem was resolved. Thank you IGS!

By Andrea | Dec 6, 2016

Haven't had any problems. Very affordable. Everyone I have talked to has been very friendly. I'm glad I chose this company

Excellent customer service
By Amanda | Dec 6, 2016

Just called to sign up for the line protection product. Sadly, I did not write down the name of the woman who helped me (early Tuesday morning …) but she was professional and personable. Suggested I add the premium to my Columbia Gas bill -- easy! I can't yet say anything about the products, but so far your people are great.