Energy Products Committed to You

August 9, 2018

Read time: 4 minutes Anyone can say they’re “there for you.” But words have to be supported by action for them to mean anything, right? Here at IGS, we make sure our messaging is backed up by our mission, our vision, and our values. Our family-owned business takes trust, transparency, and commitment to our customers […]

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Commitment to the Environment: How Solar Plays a Role

July 30, 2018

Read time: 3 minutes Solar energy creates clean, renewable power using the sun. It benefits the environment by serving as an alternative to fossil fuels, which reduces carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. By making the commitment to solar, you make a long-term commitment to the environment and generations to come. Here are a few ways […]

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What Are Carbon Emissions

July 13, 2018

Read time: 3 Minutes Everyone is talking about reducing their carbon footprint. But what does that even mean? It’s certainly a buzz word in the energy industry: carbon footprint. And though it’s pretty easy to use in a sentence, many can’t give a simple description of what exactly a carbon footprint entails. The phrase “carbon […]

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The Nest Thermostat E™ is here

June 20, 2018

Read time: 3 Minutes The next generation of Nest thermostat is here. The Nest Thermostat E, released in fall of 2017, comes in at a lower price point than Nest’s previous models, but that doesn’t mean it’s missing any features. The main difference? It may not work with your higher-end heating and cooling system. The […]

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10 Tips for a More Sustainable Life

June 6, 2018

Read time: 4 minutes Written by Elizabeth Lugviel Community Investment Specialist Elizabeth is part of IGS’s Community Investment team. She coordinates volunteerism and employee engagement, supports philanthropic efforts and grantmaking in the communities where IGS employees work and live, and champions sustainable practices inside and outside the walls of IGS. She can frequently be found […]

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The Impact of a Green Energy Rate

May 17, 2018
Green Energy

Read time: 2 minutes How exactly does a go green energy rate work? With the growth in renewable energy and the potential for companies to take part in its growth, questions arise about how effective green energy products actually are. It’s simple, really: The more people who purchase green energy products, the more effective green […]

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Getting to Know Green Energy: Key Terms to Know

May 10, 2018

Read time: 4 minutes Sustainable energy is one of those hot-button terms you hear nowadays. But there are tons of other terms surrounding sustainability that we think are incredibly important to add to your vocabulary. Below, we’ve got some definitions with some links out to articles and web resources where you can get more information. […]

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5 Common Green Energy Myths – BUSTED

April 30, 2018
Green energy

Read time: 4 minutes The 21st century has brought a lot of really cool stuff to the world. Nearly everything is virtual and digital; we can binge watch our favorite television shows without being bombarded by a stream of pointless commercials; and we can download our grocery list from our refrigerator straight to our smartphone. […]

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4 Ways to Create a More Sustainable Workplace

April 13, 2018

Read time: 4 minutes Written by Anna Sommers Director Building Relations & Facilities, IGS Energy Anna oversees IGS’ nearly 30 properties. She manages space planning and construction projects and supervises the facility operations and related engineering maintenance. As a LEED Green Associate and an active Green Spot Member, she focuses on sustainable design. She works […]

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The Power of Choice: The Future of Energy Choice

March 26, 2018
Energy needs are changing every day. One-size-fits-all solutions are no longer working for everyone. Consumer choice is the future.

Energy needs are changing every day. One-size-fits-all solutions are no longer working for everyone. Consumer choice is the future. Read more…

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