Have a Happy, Energy-Efficient Holiday

December 23, 2015

Whether you’re home or away for the holidays, we’ve cooked up some great energy-efficient ways to help you make the most of every moment (and dollar)! All is bright When it comes to holiday lighting, avoid overloading your circuits. Instead, consider trading those energy-draining incandescent strands for the more efficient LED versions. A string of […]

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How To: Install Window Coverings and Save on Your Utility Bills

December 16, 2015
DIY Window Insulation

Cold windows can be a real budget killer when you’re heating your home. But did you know that window treatments can reduce heating and cooling bills by as much as 25%? Follow these simple steps to wrap your windows this winter and your wallet will thank you.

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Energy Extra! Top ten cool tech gifts that keep you energy efficient

December 14, 2015

Holidays are often a time of excess with food, spending, and energy consumption, but this year you can still lavish your loved ones with the hottest new technology while still keeping things energy efficient. Here is our countdown of some of the best energy-efficient tech gifts out there! Number 10: Solar plant alert. From an […]

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