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3 Big Reasons It’s Good the US Still Leads the World in Oil

You may know that where there’s oil, there’s natural gas. Well this article hits on three main reasons why our shale boom is a net positive for the US—including in relation to our security. Read also about how as a country we are reaching 15% lower energy-related carbon emissions through natural gas.

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The Heat’s Turning Up: 17 Year Low Coming to an End

The energy market is taking a cue from the mercury this summer and rising past its 17 year low. The reason for the move? This article indicates that it’s an increase in gas-fired power. It stands to reason too, since a good portion of US electricity is produced by natural-gas generators. Hot summers mean more gas than usual will be consumed in this “off” season and, according to the link, the NYMEX gas futures prove it.

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The Future is Here: Business, Meet the Industrial Internet

General Electric is onto something that could change how businesses look at what they do. Taking the Internet of Things (IoT) to a whole different level, GE has interlinked industrial machinery to be a smart network. Learn about how this revolution is changing the way GE looks at what their future could look like.

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  • A wind turbine has as many as 8,000 different components.
  • ENERGY STAR certified light bulbs use 70-90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Nuclear energy produces 64% of all U.S. emission-free electricity.
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