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Supplying natural gas to Virginia business owners

As an independent retail energy supplier, IGS Energy supplies natural gas to businesses throughout Virginia. As a business owner, we can help you choose a natural gas plan that best meets your needs, whether you’re a small business using 1,000 MCF or less of natural gas annually, or a large business using more than 1,000 MCF annually.

We are here to design a plan that will help you benefit from better control and predictability when it comes to your energy costs, whether that means a variable rate, a fixed rate, or a combination of the two.

Natural gas

IGS Energy supplies natural gas to business owners that are served by the following Virginia utility:

  • Columbia Gas of Virginia

Virginia energy quick facts

  • The seaport at Norfolk, Virginia processed more than 38% of all U.S. coal exports in 2012.
  • Nearly 5.5% of the net electricity generation for the state came from renewable energy in 2013.
  • Two of the state’s natural gas fields ranked in the top 100 in the U.S. in 2009.

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration


Serving the energy needs of Virginia commercial customers

IGS Energy is a proud supplier of natural gas to Virginia business owners. We are energy experts working to serve you. While you focus on your business, we constantly monitor the energy market to offer you our best commercial gas rates. You can also count on us to inform you of any market changes that may better meet your needs.

Learn what IGS Energy can do for your business. Discover energy solutions for your small business or request a proposal for your large business today.