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What Makes Natural Gas the Cleanest Fossil Fuel?

Natural gas emits nearly 90,000 fewer pounds of carbon dioxide per billion British thermal units (Btu) than coal—that’s equal to the yearly CO2 emissions of over 9 average-sized cars. Read more about why natural gas is the cleanest fuel.

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After 25+ years in the energy industry, we understand that smart energy management can change the world for the better, especially as the energy landscape evolves by adding new technologies, and as new regulations are added to the marketplace. Empowerment of consumers to make their own decisions on how to best manage their energy resources is essential to creating this change. As one of America’s leading independent energy suppliers advocating for the consumer, we feel we have a unique opportunity to help.

By providing education, support, and competitive rates on natural gas and electricity supply, we are creating a chance for consumers to engage. We are also working towards a better energy future through other initiatives like: solar power; commercial and industrial energy supply; green energy options; home protection products; compressed natural gas (CNG) stations and fleet vehicles; and alternate forms of power generation like combined heat and power (CHP).