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IGS Energy is your trusted energy advisor

For nearly 30 years, IGS Energy has been an advocate for change in the energy industry, seeking positive change in the way we manage and consume energy resources. Today, more than 1,000,000 people across the nation trust IGS Energy to supply their natural gas and electricity, and rely on us to help them make smart energy decisions.

As one of the nation’s largest independent energy suppliers, we work hard to provide Massachusetts customers with great electricity rates and exceptional customer service, offering fixed rate and variable rate options.

If you prefer stable and predictable energy costs, a fixed rate plan might be for you. With a fixed rate, you have peace of mind knowing that if energy rates go up, yours won’t. If you would like to take advantage of competitive variable rates in the Massachusetts energy market, you can enroll in a variable rate plan.

You may also choose to enroll in our go green™ electricity product, giving you an easy and affordable way to support an energy initiative that embraces all forms of domestic energy production, while expanding existing conservation efforts.

And now, we’re glad to offer residential solar energy solutions in your area!

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Protect your home and budget with IGS Home Warranty

Your home’s lines, pipes, and wires, and your water heater and HVAC systems work hard to keep your home comfortable. Over time, those systems can fail from normal use. Most homeowners insurance policies won’t cover those damages, which means you’re on the hook for potentially costly repairs and replacements.

Protect your home and your budget with a home warranty plan from IGS Home Warranty.

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Massachusetts energy quick facts

  • Due to the cooler climate, more than 20% of households don’t use air conditioning
  • In 2016, solar photovoltaic facilities, including the state’s largest community solar project, comprised 88% of the new utility-scale generating capacity installed in Massachusetts.
  • Households in Massachusetts consume 22% more energy than the U.S. average

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration