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Customer Reviews

4.8 star average (666)
IGS Energy is highly recommended
By Laurie Lowery | Oct 8, 2017

It is so nice to have a consistent affordable electric bill! When I need to speak with a customer service agent, I have found them to be very nice, helpful and professional.

easy as turning on the light
By sparky | Sep 23, 2017

it is very easy and cost free to switch to or from igs at any time. i definately saved money each month since ive been on their plan and the billing method is unchanged.

Highly recommend IGS
By Philip Bertrand | Sep 21, 2017

I rate IGS great for my electric and Gas services

Green Energy
By Jane Doe | Sep 21, 2017

To make a long story short door-to-door people were coming here trying to offer me energy deals... I was currently IGS. I ended up speaking with a wonderful gentleman who handled my account and explained a lot of unanswered questions & took care of switching me back, etc. I enjoyed Californian kids customer service skills!

By Mrs. poitinger | Sep 21, 2017

IGS has helped reduce & predictable utility bills

helping a lot
By Suzie Q | Sep 20, 2017

agent dru marcucci was helpful and courteous and cute

Great and affordable company!
By Nichole H. | Sep 20, 2017

I have been happy with my service for several years now. You're the most affordable and reliable energy company that I've had since I purchased my home in 2001.

I would ask for this service many times over!!
By Dawn Charroud | Sep 20, 2017

Very pleased with David!

Highly recommended!! ( i aske
By Dawn Charroud | Sep 20, 2017

David Perry was very polite and professional. He explained thoroughly about IGS servives to my family. We were very thrilled with his being up front and honesty.

IGS Energy is great. I recomend it.
By Darlene Richard | Sep 20, 2017

I'm very satisfied . My payments have decreased with IGS