How does go green™ energy work?

Let’s be a little metaphorical here…


Think of the electric grid as a lake. This lake is fed by many different water sources – some originating in the mountains from glaciers, others coming from springs or rainwater, and some from the city’s water treatment plant.

The water mixes together in the lake and there’s really no way to determine where a single molecule of water came from. A cup of water from the lake has a probability of containing some water from each source.


Electricity flows to the grid in a similar way. The grid is supplied by a variety of sources – some that produce more pollution than others. Once in the grid, the electricity that flows to homes and businesses is considered to be a mix of all sources of generation. When you enroll in a go green product from IGS Energy, we’ll make sure that for every kWh of electricity you use, a kWh from a renewable source is put on the grid, reducing the amount of energy generated from non-renewable fossil fuels.

Bottom line: The more energy being generated with renewable resources, the less demand there is for energy generated by fossil fuels.