imagine doing that with your energy, too.

Know your energy options.

Since the price of gasoline changes on a daily basis, you may pay close attention to the price you pay at the pump. But did you know that the price of electricity and natural gas changes often, too? Utility companies and Independent energy suppliers, like IGS Energy, work together to deliver you the electricity and natural gas you need, but with the ability to lock in a fixed price for the term length you choose.

IGS Energy is your supplier. The utility is your delivery service.

Since utilities are regulated, they can’t make money on the actual electricity or natural gas itself. They make money on the delivery through their lines and pipes. Therefore, they are not incentivized in the same way competitive suppliers are to keep prices low.

Our main focus is purchasing energy when the market price of energy is low. We purchase electricity and natural gas for you on the open market, like buying and selling stocks, and deliver it to your utility, who then distributes it to you through their lines and pipes.

A free and open energy market brings competition, driving new innovations and efficiencies. This allows you to choose a supplier with the right price, products, service, and support to fit your needs. It’s a win/win for everyone.

Now that you know how suppliers work, find out about your product and pricing options.

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