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By enrolling in a utility line protection plan, you can protect your budget from costly repairs in the future. Valuable protection, guaranteed service, and no risk.

Coverage: Indoors and Out

If you own a home, Home Protection covers repair or replacement of utility lines and repair of systems not covered by homeowners insurance.

  • Inside electric line
  • Inside water line
  • Inside sewer line
  • Inside gas line

This protection covers inside electric, water, gas and sewer lines.

  • Outside electric line
  • Outside water line
  • Outside sewer line
  • Outside gas line

This protection covers outside electric, water, gas and sewer lines.

  • Furnace, boiler, heat pump
  • Air conditioner
  • Water heater

This protection covers your furnace, boiler, heat pump, air conditioner and water heater.

Making a claim is easy and repairs are fast.

To report a claim, you must first call your local utility to report a loss of service and then call the Home Protection claim center at 877-275-8197.

We will have a qualified contractor contact you — usually within 12 hours — to schedule your repairs.

Why lines and systems sometimes fail

Every day wear and tear.

Utility lines don’t last forever. Corrosion may occur on either indoor or outdoor lines, leading to leaks, breakage, or other problems. Colder winters and hotter summers force your heating and air conditioning systems to work harder, and the more they’re used, the more likely a breakdown.

Mother Nature and the elements.

Temperature changes can cause the ground to shift, a common threat to underground sewer lines and cold water lines. A line separation creates real problems. Beautiful trees and other plants may have damaging roots that wrap around gas and electric lines, causing cracks and leaks.

We’re here for all your home energy needs.

We offer protection plans to cover your inside and outside utility lines, HVAC systems and water heater. Just select the option that’s best for your home and when a covered utility line or system fails, we’ll take care of the repair for you.

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  • Family owned since 1989.
  • Millions of dollars in claims paid.
  • No activation or hidden fees.
  • Plans starting at just $7.50 per month.

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