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Energy Choice and the Power to Choose

Energy Choice gives you the power to choose your natural gas and electricity supplier in states where energy deregulation has occurred. These competitive energy markets provide consumers with benefits such as improved customer service, energy bill predictability, more competitive electricity and natural gas prices and more.

When you have the power to choose energy suppliers, you can start by comparing natural gas rates and electricity rates. We can explain your options and help you decide which type of energy plan fits your needs. When you purchase energy from IGS Energy, we deliver it directly to your utility who continues to provide you with expert distribution, metering, and billing services.

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Why Choose IGS Energy?

At IGS Energy, we help consumers make smart energy decisions. We believe in guiding you through the complexities of the energy industry, educating you on your energy choices, and giving you trusted advice to ensure you’re confident in the decisions you make.

Make IGS Energy your Energy Choice.

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