Large Business Energy Solutions

Customized energy plans tailored to your large business.

At IGS Energy, we’re committed to providing you with customized energy pricing to meet your company’s needs. We serve as a trusted energy partner to thousands of businesses nationwide by offering expert recommendations and tailored solutions. Consider the benefits of choosing IGS Energy as your supplier.

  • Custom pricing designed for your specific needs.
  • Dedicated account service from representatives who know your business.
  • Proactive communication to keep you informed of market trends.
  • Trusted expertise to help you over the long term.

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We’re expanding to serve more businesses.

At last: Commercial pricing solutions tailored to your business.

Our market analysts will design a commercial gas or electricity rate plan customized to your energy usage— from a single building to multiple locations— and our weekly commentary keeps you informed of market changes that can help your bottom line.


The energy partner you need:

  • As experts in energy for 25 years, we understand the ins and outs so you can focus on your business
  • We work with you to understand your business and develop a long-term plan, not just a quick fix
  • You get reliability and predictability in your energy costs with no hidden costs
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So, here’s the thing about the energy you need to run your business:

It’s probably pretty low on your list of things you need to think about every day.

But your choice of an energy supplier may be more important than you realize.

Of course, you probably get calls every day touting the next big money-savings, promising you everything in the energy market.

But amidst all this fantastic opportunity, how can you tell who’s straight with you? Who’s looking out for your best interests? Who’s got your back?

You don’t need a supplier. You need a partner. And not some one-and-done, fly-by-night operation that’s just in it for a quick buck.

You need IGS Energy.

As your energy partner, we not only supply your energy. We look at the whole situation and map out a long-term energy plan for your business.

We’ll strip away any confusion. We’ll educate you.  And we’ll give you a true apples-to-apples comparison of your options.

With IGS by your side, you’ll get customized pricing, accurate billing with no hidden fees, AND a dedicated representative focused on YOU!  At IGS you are backed by a whole team of energy experts able to react quickly to changes and forecasts in the market, so you’ll get the smartest recommendations to reduce your risk.

Reduce costs. Breathe easy. We’ve got your back!

Energy experts, working for you.

While you focus on your business, we constantly monitor the energy market to offer you our best commercial gas & electric rates possible. We will alert you to any market changes that may better serve your needs.

Clear, accurate billing – and no hidden fees.

Our pricing is transparent, easy to understand and contains no hidden fees. If you ever have any questions, your dedicated service representative is here to help.

It starts with a simple conversation.

We will work with you to gain a clear understanding of your business energy needs, current program and ultimate goals. A customized plan will be presented that locks in your commercial rate, and makes energy management easier.

  • Family owned since 1989.
  • Supplying 1 million customers across the U.S.
  • No activation or hidden fees.
  • Green electricity options at affordable rates.

Find out what IGS Energy can doFor Your Business

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