Residential Solar Power

The Time is Now

There has never been a better time to find out what solar power can do for your home and your community. New incentives and environmental standards are making the case for going solar stronger than ever.

With solar, you can gain better control of your long-term power costs along with the peace of mind that you’re also helping the environment by using clean energy.

Let us help you explore the benefits of going solar!

Going Solar has Never Been so Easy

We’re committed to helping homeowners experience the benefits of going solar without the hassle or commitment of ownership and maintenance expenses. Through our simple energy contract, we own, operate, and maintain the array on your behalf.

How We Help

Once you make the choice to move forward with solar, you can rely on us as your full-service solar provider. As the project owner and financier, we’ll coordinate with a local installation partner to expertly manage every phase—from the initial idea and home survey, to design, to making the solar array a reality at your home and coordinating the interconnection with your utility.

Your Home, Our Community

We care about making a difference and want to build a meaningful energy future together. It’s a notion that’s been really important to us since the IGS family of companies was started in 1989 by a father and son team. As a family-owned business and a member of your community, we’re your friends and neighbors, and are invested in the same things that you care about. That’s why we’re so passionate about making it easy for our customers to go solar at home and play a role in creating a cleaner energy future for us all.


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