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Save on your average electric bill and average gas bill.

Manage your household energy costs.
Make your home’s gas and electric bills more predictable.


No surprises on your home energy bill.

Our fixed-rate residential natural gas and electricity plans are designed to give you our best deal possible. With a low fixed rate on your electricity and natural gas bills, feel good knowing that when energy rates go up, your prices won’t. Enroll now.

A better way to manage your energy costs.

Enroll in a predictable monthly electricity rate with IGS Energy, and you’ll receive a Nest Thermostat E™ at no cost (a $169 value). Your Nest learns the temperatures you like and adjusts its schedule accordingly.


We provide the energy to power your home, your utility does the rest.

When you purchase natural gas or electricity from IGS Energy for your home energy needs, we deliver it directly to your utility. Your utility then delivers it to your home through THEIR pipes and lines. It’s really that simple. Enroll now.

Video Transcript


So here’s the thing about the energy that powers your world.

In the beginning, there was only one way to get your energy: the utility generated it and delivered it to you, end of story. A few things have changed over the last 100 years.

There are many independent gas producers and power generators, there have been major new discoveries in natural gas all over the country, and there are now different types of electricity generation all of these things have really changed the game so how does that work?

Now there are independent suppliers who can buy this energy directly from all these new sources. And guess what?

These independent suppliers are experts in buying energy. They can find the best sources and deliver it to your utility provider this gives you the best rates and the kind of energy that you want. The utility provider is still there to bring you the energy same lines, same pipes, and same reliable utility service.

So let’s review: you choose your energy supplier, and they find the energy that is best for you.

Welcome to the era of energy innovation.

Welcome to the era of energy choice.

Protection against expensive utility line repairs.

Did you know that, as a homeowner, you own utility lines on your property? That means when they fail, it’s your responsibility to fix them. We offer utility line protection that shields you against costly, unexpected repairs. Learn more about our home warranty plans.

You’re in good company with IGS Energy.

We serve more than 1,000,000 residential and business energy customers in 11 states (and growing), and are proud to be family-owned and operated for over 25 years.

Read testimonials of our energy customers.

We believe in giving you a choice in residential energy.

We strive to be more than a regular home energy supplier. We guide you in making smart energy choices so you can decide what best suits your needs.

Above all else, IGS Energy is focused on your energy needs.

Your time is precious, which is why we’ve made superior customer service one of our main priorities. You get more than a friendly voice; you get the expertise you need to answer all of your home energy questions. Call or email us today and experience it first-hand.

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  • Family owned since 1989.
  • Supplying 1 million customers across the U.S.
  • No activation or hidden fees.
  • Green electricity options at affordable rates.

Save on Shell fuel with IGS and the Fuel Rewards® program

Save money at the pump just for paying your utility bills! Earn 5¢/gal or more!


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