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We help make your residential natural gas bill more predictable.

We, at IGS Energy, are experts at purchasing natural gas and providing both fixed and variable natural gas rate plans to:

  • Lock in a great rate for the long or short term
  • Make your gas bills more predictable
  • Help you avoid the ups and downs of the market/Protect yourself against price volatility

Residential Natural Gas Plans

Fixed Rate Natural Gas Plans

Fixed natural gas rates remain constant for the entire length of your plan giving you a stable home energy price throughout the year.

Guaranteed Savings Natural Gas Plans

Guaranteed Savings on residential natural gas prices means your rate will always be a certain percentage or price below the going market rate.

Guaranteed Savings pricing is currently only available in select utilities.

Long-Term Fixed Rate Natural Gas Plans

Fixed natural gas rates for a longer term may protect from future market fluctuation, giving you the security of a stable rate that you can set and forget for a time period that works best for your needs and budget.

Hybrid Natural Gas Plans

Hybrid natural gas pricing offers a fixed rate through the winter months when prices are typically higher, and converts to a monthly variable rate through the summer months.

Hybrid pricing is currently only available in select utilities.

Helpful Energy Pricing Resources

Do you have questions about energy deregulation, variable and fixed natural gas prices, or your choices in energy supply? Use our energy pricing resources below to help you select the best plan to meet your needs.

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